Models, Views, and Controllers, Oh My!

Amanda Cheung

Eight days ago, I hardly had an idea of what "object-oriented" meant. The MVC framework was beyond me, and the thought of having to go in to the Command Line? Yikes. Since joining DockYard, I have been reading "Agile Web Development with Rails" to get a grasp on both Ruby and Rails. Having only coded in HTML, CSS and a bit of JavaScript prior to starting, my bearings were a bit shaken. But since stressing out is not for me, I said to myself, "Everyone was a beginner at one point," and chugged along. Even though I didn't fully understand the lines of code as I followed along with the book, I made sure I typed out the edits so I could at least get used to the syntax. With the help of my fellow DockYarders, it is all starting to come together. Needless to say, there were several hiccups. To name a couple, install and setting up my machine wasn't a breeze. There was also an update to Rails that wasn't included in the book (the mass-assignment feature) where an extra line of code was needed to make the app work.

For those Ruby-beginners like me, don't get discouraged! Getting stuck? A great place to come for help is at Boston Ruby Group's Project Nights if you are in the Boston area.